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Shaun Tam

As a second-generation actor following in the famous parents’ footsteps, Shaun Tam did not pick a shortcut along his acting career path though he could have easily taken advantage of this privilege. Instead, he has put in extra effort to earn true recognition and popularity regardless of his father, Ti Lung’s celebrity status. Debuted in 2000, Shaun starred in a number of productions in Mainland China as well as in the film industry until 2016 when he moved back to Hong Kong and signed a contract with TVB.

Since then, Shaun has been casted as male leads in several TV dramas including Succession War, The Stunt, and the upcoming Justice Bao: The First Year, Confession of Murder: 18 Years Later, and Forensic Heroes IV. Among all, the remake of Justice Bao is definitely one of the most anticipated dramas in 2019 as Shaun succeeded his father as the character Bao Zheng 25 years after. While looking forward to the new series of Justice Bao, Canadian fans are more than excited to meet with the handsome Shaun in person at the Fans Party!