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Sharon Chan

12 years after her appearance in the Fans Party, the happily married “Miss Long Legs” Sharon Chan will be returning to Canada to meet with her fans again in the Year of the Pig. Sharon was often portrayed as an attractive yet wicked woman in the beginning of her acting career, which made her quite an unpopular figure. Until 2011, she took on a breakout role in Ghetto Justice. A naked running scene of her playing a prostitute in the drama not only earned her Best Actress in a Supporting Role at TVB Anniversary Awards, but also made her a real household name.

Following the success of Ghetto Justice, she began to land on major roles in several critically acclaimed productions, including a respectable teacher in Tiger Mom Blues and a homebody who develops feelings for a married man in Heart and Greed 3. Both characters garnered positive reviews for her improved acting skills. Sharon was also trained as a singer under Tetsuya Komuro, one of the most successful music producers in Japan, but never had a chance to showcase her incredible singing talent until recently when she hosts the well-received Cantopop At 50 along with Michael Lai and Nancy Sit. Witnessing Sharon debuting as a cameo in her teens, then moving on to supporting roles, and finally taking on major personas while getting married and welcoming a baby boy, fans are definitely happy for her and can’t wait to see her again in person in the upcoming Fans Party!